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Testimonials-- Infant & Children Care


"My son hurt his head when he was a baby then started having epileptic seizures when he was around 7 years old and has since then been taking anti-epileptic medication. The frequency and the severity of the seizures and the side effects of his medication started me on a journey to find alternative means to alleviate if not to cure his condition. Apart from seizures, he had other challenges - his attention span was short and had difficulty in controlling/expressing his emotions which usually resulted in hitting other people.

My son started seeing Wendy and since then has had major physical and emotional improvements after less than 3 months of therapy. IMT has alleviated his seizures (frequency and severity have decreased dramatically), the school has stopped calling me (the social worker used to call me almost everyday about him losing his temper in school) and the school principal told me that my son has become a happier boy. He said to me “I am tired of violence.” He used to not like to read but now he can sit down and read for 2 hours straight! This is a great improvement indeed for a boy with a short attention span and who hates reading.

I am very grateful to Wendy who gives homework (yes! parents have to do something at home too) and does not keep me in the dark as to what she is doing and will be working on thus making me actively involved in my son’s journey to health and wholeness."

J.P., Mother and Professional


“ I took my daughter to see Wendy for gross motor development delay. Since then she had great improvements in walking. She can now walk for a long time without feeling tired or the need to be carried. She is also able to go up and down the stairs by herself. She still needs assistance with higher steps, but she is much better than before. Thank you!”

Mrs. C., Mother and Professional


“Wendy has been extremely pleasant, helpful, thorough and effective. I always have lots of questions to ask about Craniosacral therapy, which Wendy uses to treat my son's and my own headache. And it has been a fascinating journey with her. Thank you Wendy”

S.D., Mother and Banking Professional


"My son is autistic, has general discomfort and tightness in the body especially in the head area. During treatments with Wendy he becomes calmer and happier. I can see an easing of the tension in his body and mind. I believe that IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) treatment is a good complementary therapy, which contributes to his overall recovery process in conjunction with the biomedical interventions and ABA therapy he received."

J.K. , Mother


“ My son has consulted Wendy for autism over the past six months, and we have seen him improve a lot, both cognitively and socially. Now he has much better eye contact and appropriate responses. Wendy works professionally with our family towards the goals we have discussed.”

Cheryl T., Mother and Teacher


"Integrative Manual Therapy is the best medicine I and my children have used in the last two years. Wendy has helped my children to sleep better and be more focused in classes. Thank you Wendy!"

A.L., Mother and Therapist


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Testimonials-- Adult Care


"I went to Wendy for the first time around three months ago because of a stiff and painful neck. She did an assessment on my body and thoroughly explained to me what systems in my body were involved that were causing the pain, and she told me that we'd have to go to the core of the problem, rather than treating the neck itself. After one follow up session, the pain and stiffness in my neck disappeared, my accompanied headaches became less and less. The headaches too, are gone now.


Then, not too long ago, I've had a series of unfortunate events which included two surgeries within one week, which left my body/central nervous system in shock. She used Integrative Manual Therapy combined with Craniosacral Therapy on me to release the emotions and to linger my physical discomforts. She has done an incredible job. Truly amazing!"

Ursula R., Mother and Trained Nurse


“Wendy is an amazing physiotherapist! She is very thorough and takes her time while working on the body to release tension or work on realignment. I love her sessions because she is really there to treat you and not like other therapists who leave you hooked up on a machine. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to work on shoulder tension, migraines and lower back pain. She is wonderful!”

L.C., Mental Health Professional


“ I wanted to thank Wendy so much for all of the help she has given me with the acupuncture and physiotherapy. My upper thigh is feeling much better, it has died with no feeling, but now I can feel my blood and circulation flow has improved.  I continue to do the stretching exercises she showed me to help me limber up my back and my shoulders. Much progress has been made.  I really appreciate her opening my eyes to alternative methods such as acupuncture.   I am a firm believer in it now and it helped me understand how different parts of the body are connected and impact each other.

She is an amazing person inside and out and very thoughtful and educational. Thank you so much! I will be sure to recommend her to all of my friends."

Sue C., Finance Professional ​

"I have been seeing Wendy for my chronic hip pain and knee pain. After a few sessions, Wendy made me realized that my pain is related to some internal organ and fasica dysfunctions, such as in my liver and the fascia around. After she helped clear up those areas, I immediately felt a sense of hip pain relief. She also guided me to clear up some of my old past trauma that has been subconsciously stored in my body and hindering my recovery.
I am most grateful for her healing hands as she has guided me through a physical, mental and spiritual recovery. I highly recommend her!"
M.L., Therapist

" Integrative Manual Therapy is the best medicine for me in the past two years. Thank you Wendy! I have been suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain with occasional headaches. I went to see many therapists who focused on exercises and digging in the knots in my muscles which made the pain worse. My doctor suggested surgery and I felt very desperate at that time.

Finally I came to see Wendy and she helped me a lot! She explained how my neck could be affected by the whiplash accidents and injuries in the past. She did her magic with her hands, very gentle treatment yet my pain is almost gone! My sleep has also improved a lot. And I don’t need surgery any more! Wendy is one of the best therapists I have ever met! "

A.L., Mother and Energy Healing Therapist


I have atrial fibrillations which must have been caused by a number of factors, including work and stress. This condition had started after I had retired. I have been seeing Wendy for craniosacral, IMT and acupuncture treatment for nearly a year, and my health has continued to improve steadily. I would suggest other patients with AF considering receiving this treatment to see if it might help them.”

William C., Retired Professional


" I delivered my baby three months ago. After that I got low back pain due to carrying my baby. After seeing Wendy, my pain was absolutely gone and felt much better. Still I have to see her for one last treatment but I would like to see her regularly as a check up and maintenance for my body.”

Y.K., Mother




“Wendy was considerate and professional; she really listened to my issue and the history of it to ensure she could tailor her treatment appropriately. I had noticeable improvement in my injury following my treatment with her. Would definitely return in the future.”

K.C., Psychologist


I arrived home after receiving IMT treatment with energy to spare. I feel remarkably stronger! It is such a relief to have good lung function again. Both my head and left leg feel better than I can remember them feeling in a long while. It is only through your efforts and guidance that things have turned around so quickly. Thank you Wendy!”

Tracey B., Marketing Professional




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