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 Introducing Wendy Lam 

Wendy is a Physiotherapist who has had extensive training in both Hong Kong and the United States. She provides individualized and holistic treatments to treat acute and chronic conditions for both adults and children. She integrates effective health modalities from the East and the West, including Physiotherapy, Integrative Manual Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture. She works hand in hand with patients and other healthcare professionals to develop practcal lifestyle and home programs that can help you and your family to live healthily, naturally and happily.


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Why Integrated Approach?

We always mistakenly think that the site of pain is the source of the problem. In fact, unless you have a direct trauma to a certain body part recently, treatment targeting the local area only may not be enough to resolve the pain, especially if you are experiencing chronic issues. In fact, the area of pain and/or dysfunctions can be resulted from a series of compensations that take place elsewhere in your body. For example, hip or back pain can be caused by unresolved past ankle injury, or headaches might be stemming from a stiff neck.


We know that optimal recovery occurs when the underlying causes are addressed, therefore we take a whole-person approach in the assessment and treatment. Besides the physical aspect of the ailments, we also take into account the different aspects of health, such as the patient’s general wellbeing, lifestyle, diet, daily habits, psychological and social aspects, in formulating the treatment plan aiming at the primary “driver” of the problem.The Integrated Approach helps practitioners to find and treat the root cause(s), and therefore bringing lasting results and optimized bodily functions.

This approach is particularly useful on people with chronic or recurrent conditions that are unresponsive or have responded poorly or only temporarily to direct treatment modalities.