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Holistic Physiotherapy provides individualized and holistic treatments with extensive experience in treating acute and chronic conditions for both adults and children, and also works hand in hand with patients and other healthcare professionals to develop practical lifestyle and home programs that can help you and your family to live healthily, naturally and happily. According to your condition(s) and needs, one or a combination of the modalities will be used, including Physiotherapy, Integrative Manual Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture.


Why Integrated Approach?

The site of pain and/or dysfunctions can be the result of a series of chain reactions or compensations that take place elsewhere in your body. For example, hip or back pain can be caused by previous ankle injury, or headaches might be stemming from a stiff neck.

By addressing the root cause(s) of the problem, it can help to bring lasting results and optimized bodily functions.


With a deep understanding of human anatomy and the relationships between different parts and systems in the human body, the Integrated Approach helps practitioners to determine and therefore provide appropriate treatments to the site of the primary “driver”, or the key responsible body region(s).

This approach is particularly useful on people with chronic or recurrent conditions that are unresponsive or has responded poorly or only temporarily to direct treatment modalities.